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Welcome to Madras United LIMITED.

Madras United Limited will provide you with amazing services. This is the only service that will be unique in the world. We aim to become a company that grows with you. We will make every effort to be a pioneer of a new era every day.


Vison and Message

Financial innovation happens by combining new finance and technology. This is established by the technology of encryption currency and artificial intelligence. People's lifestyles will change drastically. With improved information and security, settlement by encryption currency becomes mainstream. If you have one mobile phone, the era will come when you do not need a real wallet. This will bring about a positive impact on business, education, life, entertainment, politics and many other fields, and the whole society will become more active. We looked at encryption currencies, including bit coins, to become mainstream, thinking that we should emphasize encryption currencies in addition to existing currencies.



In EA, arbitrage, we will try to maximize profit by combining manual and automatic investment by using artificial intelligence technology etc. By utilizing this method in five countries, we would like to return profits to investors. Currently we have succeeded in earning 35-55% profit per month. High risk / high return due to high volatility, but we are investing and operating with paying close attention.

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Bit Grow Plan

  • RushRushRush

    • One user can create up to 15 positions. The deposit amount in 1 position is 0.1 - 50 BTC
    • 1 - 3 Positon : Free, 4 - 15 Positon : 0.5BTC / Position
    • There are three types of bonuses
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  • Q: What is the operation method?
  • A: EA, AI, arbitrage, a system built using many logic.
  • Q: When is the end of the service?
  • A: We will continue operation while the profit continues.
  • Q: Does Madras United LIMITED have a relationship with Biteller Corporation.Ltd ?
  • A: No.